The Million Ways in which you can Enjoy Eastern Australia : Melbourne

Melbourne is one of the most diversified, vibrant and unique cities I’ve got to visit when I was in Australia. My biggest regret was not staying there longer. The surrounding areas are known to have some of the most beautiful views and activities, so don’t be afraid to get out of the downtown core a little. There are many things that are worth seeing in Melbourne but here’s a few of my personal favourites.  Continue reading


The Million Ways in which you can Enjoy Eastern Australia : Gold Coast

For those of you who expect me to write about a million things, you may be disappointed. I was ever so slightly exaggerating. I will, however, list a few of my favourites. I will divide each of them by cities, which will be published as a series of article.

GOLD COAST Continue reading

5 things to know before travelling to Australia

Australia is a land of wonder. It is a land that we know fairly little about outside of the way it is describe by TV and movies. A lucky few will decide to make the journey and will usually come home full of stories and adventures, and a longing to go back. They will make us want to go and experience it for ourselves. That’s how I see Australia. A wild land, with charming people, and a climate and wild life that is out to get us!

Here’s what I’ve learned so far during my stay! Continue reading

Filling the void – 5 Steps to battle post-travel depression

Pont des artsThere are countless articles that explain how to prepare to move away or travel for a relatively long amount of time. From what to bring to what to expect upon arrival and during the first few weeks, you are pretty much guided through the hardship of becoming a nomad or at least a short-term foreigner in a new country. Mind me, it doesn’t make you want to quit any less when you’ve visited countless repugnant rooms in 5-shares apartment, or settled to apply for the lowest kind of job and still can’t get one despite the fact that you are over-educated for it. But then you go through these, get established and have the most wonderful experience  of your life, period!

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